Stone Walls and Grounds

6 Iray stone wall textures each in 3 color versions.
6 Iray stone ground textures each in 3 color versions.
Full 36 Iray shader presets.

Stone Walls and Grounds in my store >>>

Bamboo Forest Grounds

Free ground textures with Daz Studio Iray shader presets.
Textures: 2048x2048 pixel size seamless and procedural based images.
5 layers: base color map, normal map, roughness map, specular map, displacement map

Download Bamboo Forest Grounds

Test scene for 'Brick Walls'

New free item for Daz Studio:

Little scene with wall, ground and grasses with Iray shader presets.

Wall and ground: 4096x4096 size textures, base color, normal, roughness, specular and displacement map

Ground plane
100 polygon (10x10) - SubD displacement level: 5

Wall plane
1 polygon - SubD displacement level: 12

Test scene for 'Brick Walls' download

'Brick Walls' textures pack with Iray shader presets in my Store>>

Enjoy! ;)

Very Deep

Cave with Lights and Iray Render Presets for Daz Studio 4.9

Product included:

1 Cave with only(!) Iray Shader Presets

In the cave have: many stones, mushrooms, grasses and crystals

2 Light Presets

2 Iray Render Presets

Have a good time! ;)

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